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The "good" old days.


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Feb 4, 2007
United States
From a discussion about a Sonex Onex with one flight logged that was up for auction, and how it's tough to get them insured today, my Uncle (in his late 70's) chimes in:

"In the 50's many farmers had cheap 2 seat airplanes that they landed on their own grass or small- town strips and many were not Lic or inspected at all. Most did their own engine maintenance and the planes often were just left outside. I about bought a fabric Taylorcraft 40 hp 2 seater for $800 with no radio, I went to pick it up about in 1966 and the guy sold it the day before. Once a Guy from around <small central Iowa Town> reportedly flew a small plane under the Des Moines river bridge ( maybe 14 to 18 ft clearance) just to prove he could. As long as they stayed away from Des Moines and didn't crash, I don't recall anyone getting in trouble. Dr. <redacted> from <small central Iowa town> had a good plane, but he had a serious accident and totaled that plane . Dad new a guy <redacted> that lived by the Skunk river halfway to <mid-sized Iowa town>. Dad was buying about 3500 ac in Northern Minn. and they flew up there in a WWll plane and bought it on a fly- over without even landing."