The Airframe building table I use

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Jun 13, 2015
kuttawa, ky
It is built using 3- 16ga or 18ga metal studs 8 in shorter than the length of table you are wanting. Using 11/4in drill point drywall screws, screw 3/4 in Advantec t&g plywood with the t&g joint crossing the three metal studs. Get the big box home building store to chop the plywood in half on the panel saw.4th wide table.
Get a 5gal bucket and install a bulkhead fitting near the bottom. Get clear vinyl tube 1/2in or so 22-24ft long install glass tube 12 in long . I use neon glass (thin wall).
Breaks easy. Add water to the bucket and add just a little dawn dish soap to break the water tension.prop up bucket to level the table. Proceed around of perimeter shinning as needed. Add 2x4's underneath around perimeter or wherever you need to use a brace or something. Set up the table on 3 saw horses.
This table sets up and knocks down quick!