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Thatcher CX-4 Project $8000 NE WA

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Jan 13, 2011
United States
This is from Barnstormers; http://www.barnstormers.com/contact_seller.php?id=1495290 is the seller, the daughter of the last custodian.

This plane has an interesting history. It was built by Scott Casler, the Hummel Engines guy, probably the pre-eminent VW Aeroengine dude in the country now that Steve Bennet of Great Plains is gone. It was a showcase for his biggest stroker engine. He flew the hours off it, sold it. The new owner was ferrying it from Southern to Northern Arizona, and it got away from him. He sold the damaged airframe to Peter Beck in Kentucky (who built 5 of this airframe !) - he passed away before completing the project, but after completing the structural repairs. The latest owner bought it, moved it to Chehalis, Washington, an hour North of Spokane, and took it a little farther, HE passed on in the Fall of 2017.

I am not the seller, but I've been in contact with her. She's got pictures, and a fair number of documents. The plane needs about 40 hours of work to be flying - finish the cowling and spinner installation, and a few odds and ends. There is an FBO in Chehalis that MIGHT be able to do the work, or help you find hanger space for you and your tools, and you could ferry it home. Includes a brand new, never mounted Tennessee prop, brand new cowling, brand new spinner (backplate mounted, it will need a front plate).

Picture of it running, probably when Scott still owned it. http://www.cx4community.com/images/95_2.jpg Scott checked out the engine, and pronounced it fit for service after the prang.

This is less than the cost of the materials, probably less than it would cost to have Scott build you the ENGINE, and about $4000 less than most flying Thatchers.