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Jun 29, 2010
Coastal North Carolina/USA
I'll be making a making a poetic story presentation at a local music house tonight. Thought I'd try it out on you guys to see if it floats...

The Ballad of Two Five One

Cruising along at Angels eight
Flying home and running late
In an airplane we just call Two Five One

In the back a crew of sunburned folk
Beside me at the right seat yoke
My best friend and first mate on Two Five One

Almost home, airport in sight
Landing beacon burning bright
When the engine quit dead cold on Two Five One

I spun that engine trying to restart
But that motor was having no part
Of keeping us in the air in Two Five One

I reckon I must’ve run out of fuel
Breaking flying’s cardinal rule
Of checking both wing tanks of Two Five One

What a shame to end this way
I picked up the microphone to say
“Tower, we’re going down in Two Five One”

I saw a highway under my wing
It ain’t a runway but the next best thing
So I lined it up on the nose of Two Five One

We skimmed along behind a truck
With a kid in back like a sitting duck
Staring at the pointy end of Two Five One

Over the sound of whispering wind
Came wise advice from my best friend,
“That right wing tank is full on Two Five One”

I stole a glance at my first mate
Wonderin’ why the hell she waited so late
To tell me I still had gas in Two Five One

Switch to the right, mixture rich
Smash down on the starter switch
And the engine roared to life on Two Five One

We scooted along gaining speed
To get as fast as we would need
To climb into the sky in Two Five One

Just when I thought we’d survive
And everybody gets home alive
There’s a four lane bridge ahead of Two Five One

“Folks, I’m sorry... I’ve done my best
“We’re about to meet our eternal rest
“Cause I can’t get over that bridge in Two Five One”

Then over the din of that spinning prop
She asked, “Do you always have to be on top?”
Does she know we’re about crash in Two Five One?

But it’s her nature to always joke
Rather than ending in a pile of smoke
She gave me a way to save Two Five One

Instead of letting everyone die
I gave up on climbing up high
We’re going under that bridge in Two Five One

We were flying on a wing and prayer
We’ve only got two feet to spare
Between the road, the bridge and us in Two Five One

In a blink we were on the other side
It was a job to boost a pilot’s pride
Not so much as a scratch on Two Five One

“Tower, we’re coming, we’re all okay”
Wheels down at last on a real runway
And we rolled to a smooth stop in Two Five One

My arm around her as we walked away
Said, “Baby, I’ve got something to say...”

“From now on, you can be on top!”



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Feb 13, 2010
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I guess it depends on the audience, the last bit changed the tone to almost NSFW, but then you won't be presenting at work. ;-)