Tandem vs side by side marketability?

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Sep 3, 2003
Your argument above, for example, will only work if she's more concerned about the time of travel than time spent "together" where the two of you can talk while on your vacation. She could just as easily see the tandem option as four hours that you're 'separated' - a minus - rather than a 'plus' by shortening a trip where you could sit next to each other and have some uninterrupted time.
You forget the main reason most women choose commercial - the bathroom. Whether its side-by-side or not...

In fact, its one of the main arguements for her to want an RV instead.... :(

Gray Out

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Jul 12, 2008
Hello Unknown,

Good luck with that Gray_Out :) I have to say that without some significant changes to construction techniques, a sub $60,000 composite aircraft can be built for consumption; the labor costs are just too high.
Thanks for the kind wishes.:)

It might take a little bit more than luck to make it happen but sometimes it just happens. For example. If I am first to make it...I will find out how many other parties may be interested and divide the cost of the mold by the number of interested parties so that the costs are absorbed by all of us. Make a list (probably based on the financial capacity to pull the shapes quickly so that those that need to save a little more can do it while others pull their components) and the molds shipping costs can be paid by the next party on the list.

Then...if you do the work yourself...labor is sweat (free) or you can sub some of it out as your budget allows. Sort of a co-operative arrangement.;)

Nope...I would not want to keep the mold and pull the components and sell them for cost+ labor. I want to work on my own and complete it instead of producing them. I would of course help with advise on the problems I may have come across.

I suppose that good maintenance on the molds before every use would extend life a little bit further so you can get a couple of extra pulls from it if the list grows, but a life limit would have to be set...which then in turn will limit production to a select number of interested parties.



Mar 15, 2008
My aircraft is a tandem seat that is similar to the mx series planes. I love it however the weight of the front seater has quite an effect on handling since they are forward of the cg. I will install a trim system for the elevator to allow adjustments for the pilot weight. The previous owner was heavier than I am and a 2 hour flight that required constant forward pressure on the stick can tire your arms. The rear seat sets at the cg and the only weight concerns here are gross weight. I personally like the narrower cross section look and have a better cruise speed than a similar side by side.