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Dec 25, 2020
I talked to Wayne Ison about a tandem V-Max (Volkswagen version of the MiniMax) about two decades or more ago. He said he had actually just finished drawings for a wing that would be about right for it and he sent me a copy of the drawings. It turns out that these were soon to be the Tandem Airbike wings.

We discussed some concerns about the CG with the tandem configuration and that it could be problematic to adjust for given the pilot cannot freely be relocated in regard to the wings due to the spar carry throughs and the landing gear also cannot conveniently be moved in relation to the wing since the struts attach to the axle. At the time I abandoned the Tandem design and just built the V-Max per plans.

Now, twenty odd years and 3 or 4 airplane builds later, I am looking back at the Tandem V-Max project. Also considering that using a parasol wing design would alleviate a lot of the limitations of arranging the wing, pilot/pax, and main landing gear. So I’ve decided to at least to a mathematical analysis of the viability of this project. Some info on an existing V-Max would be a great help in this analysis. I have, years ago, sold the V-Max and no longer have and data on it. Looking back, of course I’d have gathered my own data from my own plane. So if any of you have easy access to any of the following info I would be greatly appreciative and will share on the forum my findings in regard to the viability and limitations of such a design.

Most helpful would be the first four “boxes” on the standard TEAM Wt and Balance document.

These are titled: DM/DT/WM/WT If there are any V-Max owners out there this should be on hand.

Also helpful would be knowing if the aircraft from which this data is taken is “stock” or if there are significant mods, what size VW engine (1600 cc) and whether it has a single vertex magneto up front or two slicks on back. I’m assuming it has no starter, but if it did have such that would be good to know, and what type of battery is where….

Also helpful would be to know if the plane is Dacron and paint or Oratex.

Ideally the above data would be an EMPTY airplane. If it is not, please also give the pilot weight in the weighing.

In addition to the standard aircraft data also helpful would be to know the weight of one wing (as there is the possibility of moving them) and whether this weight is covered and again painted or oratex, and whether or not this weight includes the struts or not. I realize this data is usually not recorded and not so available unless someone has their wings off already.

Also the weight of the empennage group (Fin,Rudder,Stab, Elevator) and again the covering process. Again, not readily obtainable unless someone is in the build phase.

If anyone has the weight of a Tandem Airbike wing that would be awesome, but I can make a practical conversion from a regular V-Max wing.

Lastly, perhaps someone knows of this project already being attempted or examined and has some input as to the findings. Any info, especially in regard to the above listed weights would be greatly appreciated, and again, I will post here any conclusions and if it looks practical and I build it, of course the results of the finished plane.

Thanks for any assistance