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Mar 4, 2004
I am interested in information about the Mark Brown design homebuilt Starlite. I have found very little on the net. Any help, especially owners welcome. What is the type of construction? Is it suitable for a larger engine. What are G ratings, could it be adapted to Formula One type air racing (normally they use Cassutt, etc.)? I found one old mailing list posting somewhere that said the Starlite had structural failures. Thanks.


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Dec 26, 2003
Taree Airport Australia
Odd that no-one replied. :confused:
There is a YAHOO group out there for the STARLITE, but I dare say they would advise against trying to over power a Starlite.
The STARLITE has a good shape for racing, but only designed to carry a lightweight 40hp two-stroke, an 0-200 would be nearly three times the weight and create all sorts of problems. :wail:
There is also the matter of fuselage size as laid down in the formulae one rules (I think?)
If you could find an unbuilt kit, you may be able to beef up the fuse parts (and be loathed by the rest of the STARLITE owners!), but you would have to build a completely new wing for both strength and rule area.
Maybe you could pull some moulds off a finished plane and build the same shape a lot heavier.
As for structural failures, I think this was only on the first kits that used an all flying tail that had an aluminium tube spar.
For racing I'd be making a whole new tail with a bit more structure! :gig: