Stability in a swept wing with no washout from the elevons alone.

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Aug 2, 2008
Ah, yes, the old Cronk Kite (frequently misspelled, don't feel bad). Dave Cronk's innovative glider design from way back in the VERY early days of hang gliding... built out of plastic sheeting, aluminum tubing and duct tape. Steered by tip spoilers actuated by shoulder levers... see attached picture.

I would like to see your video of it flying. The design was not developed much further, as I think Dave abandoned the concept soon thereafter to focus on inventing the Quicksilver, which was my 1st hang glider, and the design that would evolve into the most popular ultralight airplane of all time.. I wonder whatever happened to Dave. He was quite the innovator in his day.
He is still around. I met him yesterday at the memorial service for hang glider pioneer/pilot/designer/innovator/manufacturer Richard "Dick" Boone.

Dave was recently inducted into the Rogallo Hall of Fame:

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