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Nov 3, 2015
Thanks for the congratulations from everyone.
While the FAA may no longer classify me as a student pilot ....I agree that we are constantly learning.

I've had a very long road to travel to get to this point but quitting was never an option.
For those that don't know.......

1. I started with a very poor CFI.....he would constantly leave me sitting there waiting on him for hours and then call and reschedule our flight time.
Or he would show up and be hours late for our scheduled time.
He had no experience in a Tomahawk and was,for the most part,dangerous in the plane because he kept harping on me to fly it like a 172.....that's a big no-no....that plane will bite you in the *ss if you dont understand the flying characteristics of the T-tail and the wing design.
I had many hours in that plane and I basically taught him how to fly it properly.
After a few hours of instructing him.....he signed my log book and tossed it to me while making the comment not to make him regret signing me off to solo.
He didn't stay around for my solo flight or cutting my shirt....he just tossed me the book and left.
Well,that sorta took the fun out of acheiving the solo endorsement.
After thinking about it for a few days i decided to find another instructor because this guy is a d*ck and was about to get knocked on his *ss.
Much searching for a new CFI followed and turned up very little options in my area.
One of my friends was a retired CFI and decided to come out of retirement to get myself and two other individuals away from that guy.....a kindness that I truly owe him for.
Then the previous CFI stirred stuff up through the year by calling my CFI friend and claiming that I was at his airport giving rides to people.
We all had a good laugh over that since my plane was down for maintenance or I was out of the state during the times that he claimed these things were occurring.
What a jerk.......

2. My Tomahawk was in our main hangar last June and we had just finished the Annual on it when an aircraft drove inside the hangar at full throttle and totalled my plane where it sat.
Lost an aircraft and the checkride had to be canceled.
Was offered a Cherokee 140 to fly so I rescheduled the checkride.
Two flights in the plane and the owner,previous owner and previous previous owner all got into a tiff amongst themselves over me flying the aircraft......weird bromance between those 3 individuals and I quickly bowed out of the situation.....checkride canceled again.
Then a friend handed me the spare keys to his 172 and told me to use the plane as if it was act of kindness that I hope to be able to repay some day.
Then over the course of a year.....the weather has shut me out 9 times and rescheduling was the only option.

3. Had a checkride scheduled for last October and the weather actually cooperated.
When we got there the DPE was acting really weird.
I asked my CFI if the DPE was like this the last time he brought a student down and he said no that something was wrong.
After 2 1/2 hours of shotgunning questions at me and not really stumping me....the DPE called it a day and issued me a letter of denial.
I had no idea what just happened because I was answering his questions correctly.
My CFI explained that it's rumored that they need to fail a certain number of students to keep the FAA off of their backs and that it was just my number that came up that day.

4. So I let things rest for a month or two and contacted the DPE about getting some instruction time with him since he was also a CFI.
He agreed to instruct me for a day and we had a great time studying & flying when we got together.....he's actually a really great guy.
When I questioned him about the checkride outcome he just replied that it was a bad day and that next time would go much better.
Maybe they do need to fail a certain percentage to keep the FAA off their backs ?

4. Finally got another checkride scheduled for yesterday after many cancelations and then the weather tried to shut us out again yesterday but we persisted and got it done.

Wondering how many people would have given up facing all the obstacles that I've had to overcome on this journey........

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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
I think a lot more have stories like you in that without determination, it won’t get done. A 25 year old is like a puppy; point then in a direction and they will run until they are stopped. There is a finite time where obstacles don’t really seem like them. Once out of that zone, waking up in the morning is the first obstacle of every day. Well done.


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Aug 8, 2009
Sahuarita Arizona, Renton Washington, USA
Hope things go better from here forward but to be realistic there will likely be more obstacles. Good to know you are able to overcome them.

Keep looking for that perfect flight. When you get one that is almost there, file it away in your memory bank. Replay it frequently by and enjoy the ride.


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Feb 19, 2012
Fly Fly Fly that is how you get careful but also challenge yourself.....go places .....long trips .....all kinds of weather....get your IFR rating if you can find a decent instructor....even if you never fly in will make you a better pilot....get you glider rating will make you a better pilot.....and remember to keep it fun....also never schedule something that requires you to fly there unless you can have a 2 day window on both sides of the trip (coming and going)....trying to make the date or lose your deposit or get back to work will get you killed. I try to never make reservations because of the uncertainties ....I wait till I get there and then find a room.....