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Apr 30, 2014
rocky mountains, rocky, usa
The handling of the Pup was ...challenging in winds. It was preferable to have a nice big area instead of a runway. I flew it when I was 17 and had a blast. A 10 mph wind meant maybe a 150' roll on grass/dirt at 6k' DA with a Zenoah engine, if recall. The tail was a skid and you went everywhere on landing (at <20 mph it seemed like- there was no airspeed on it, just my hang gliding vario and altimeter I carried). Landing was similar to my hang gliding at the time, pretty conservative on planning and maneuvering and being ready to a change of plan according to fickle winds. I always thought spoilers would have been a nice add, and taking out some of the dihedral. It had a solid 275-300 fpm sink, though, and the 12:1 was probably closer to 9 or 10 to 1.

Given the 2 axis controls, I would never have wanted to decrease yaw control in it. It was already pretty pokey...like a sailplane. Seek out a place to build it as designed. I was skeptical when a high school acquaintance and his dad decided to build one, to the point of maybe even being a bit of a dork, and I had to eat every word of it after my smiles after the first flight. It was way safer and more convenient than hang gliding, and definitely less expensive.

I wasn't in touch with Steve (Wood?) after I left the area for college.
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