Simple introductory 2D CAD or drawing program with dimensions

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Gregory Perkins

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May 25, 2019
I initially spent some time with SketchUp and realized it was more show than serious
work for simple 2D construction drawings that I wanted and so I googled CAD 2D and
wasted many more hours downloading many more programs so I thought I would
ask here if there are any favorites that dont involved thousands of dollars and hundreds
of hours to be productive. Currently the best I have found is TurboCad 2D Designer for $69 but it has poor support because the support does not distinguish between several other programs the company sells and is confusing. I believe many of the cheap and free CAD programs are 20 and 30 years old and are clunky to use and not intuitive to use.
The many "Drawing" programs have the right idea as to ease of use but they dont offer
precision and dimensions capability that are needed for serious work that does not have
to be pretty. Any suggestions ?

Hot Wings

Grumpy Cynic
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Nov 14, 2009
Rocky Mountains
As easy to learn as MS Paint. Bob Hoover did all of his work with DeltaCad.

I still keep a copy of TurboCad too. It's better than Solidworks for some 2D stuff.