Seen from above

don january

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Feb 10, 2015
Took off for a flight and saw something that brings others to mind. Drifted back to the many short cross country trips to and from the field and in the Boredom of the flight I flash back to things seen in the woods and open fields. So my friendly air junkies what can you remember that you never followed up on ? For instance one day flying back I spotted a bi-plane sitting at a old farm stead in the frigging woods near the out buildings. So made a mental note to drive and find it after work, by the way never did find it again. Another time was over the country of South Dakota and down below was a ring of what appeared to be a Indian camp with tee-pee rings spread out in a group and again a mental note to go and check out. Many pilots are at to much of a altitude to take notice but I'm sure there is a few who can relate. I have to wonder how many old Home built s from the 60s-70s that was abandoned next to the pole barn never to see the hopes again of flight ? Please share your above ground fly byes that you missed.