Sailplane Pilot Design Sickness


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Jul 15, 2010
Fayetteville, AR / USA
I decided to start this thread after Autoreply started to exhibit symptoms in another thread.

Hi, my name is Monty and I'm a recovering SPDS sufferer


1. irrational induced drag phobia

2. complete L over D derangement

3. severe laminar flow dependency

4. fixation on Parsons bodies and interference drag

5. abnormal affinity for pressure distribution plots.

6. Irrational fixation on efficiency numbers.

7. Sufferers may join extreme composite material cults seeking laminar nirvana.

If you suspect someone may be a laminar-haulic some of the warning sings:

Do they own a profilometer?

Do they have a copy of illicit books such as Bruce Carmichael's seditious text?

Do they hoard plots of exotic airfoils?

Do they have a condescending and dismissive attitude towards all "imperfect" aircraft?

If so.....this person may require an intervention.

What to do?

Immediately take this person for an all out-balls to the wall-aerobatic ride in Harmon Rocket. Fly the airplane to the limits of the envelope. :ban:

Let them fly it also.

Then put them back in their perfect aircraft that runs on three horsepower.

Repeat as necessary.

Note: in severe cases long technical discussions may be required.

If discussion fails.....shock therapy may be the only answer!:roll: