Safe transfer of fuel from portable cans cans to fuel tanks


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Jul 26, 2016
Denver, Colorado
Found an easier way to transfer fuel from plastic gas cans to c172 plane using simple & cheap jiggle siphon hose. Works great, empting 5 gal can in about 3 minutes….. I let it flow as I do walk around. I use regular ethanol car gas, so fill cans on way to airport.

The flow is fast enough that I am concerned about static electricity as the tank is not contacting ground even though both can is contacting wing (although on painted surface) and hose is contacting bare metal filler cap hole and aluminum tank. To be on safe side, will likely make a wire with clamps on each end to connect plane to ground tie down cable or just lay it on ground for contact. Wondering if I should also connect can to bare metal to be Uber safe. I‘m also in a dry area especially in winter and static electricity is a concern. May have to get my hands on a static electricity meter to be sure.

wondering if anyone has done any investigation on this subject for pointers. I know metal cans are better for this reason, but they scratch the paint and are more work.