RV-8 N262RM "Bad Cat"


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Rob Miller

New Member
Feb 12, 2003
My RV-8 flew with my shaking hands at the controls on October 21, 2002. Summoning up the courage to go for that first flight is a monumental task. Imagine taking a box of parts, banging rivets for six years, then climbing in and launching 1 mile into the sky---->UNREAL!

The flight was uneventful with only a few squawks: A small fuel leak at the selector (you must use a thread sealant on all fittings), right wing a little heavy, cg too far forward, clogged right fuel vent, wheel misalignment (one squirrelly rascal on roll out), and a grossly inaccurate A/S indicator. After three weeks of work, all these squawks were fixed and flight numbers #2, #3 etc. went off without problems. As of February 18, 2003, the "Bat Cat" has 47 hours total time.

The aircraft is simply incredible and a ball to fly--Now only if I didn't have to work :(

Rob Miller