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Aug 6, 2002
I forgot to mention something in the site rules that is pretty important. I've added it to the rules page as rule number 4. Here is a copy of what I added:

4. Please never use tags to post a picture from another website unless it is your own website. This is called Hot Linking. What happens when this is done is that it actually uses the other websites bandwidth and storage space each time someone here at HBA looks at the photo. To avoid this, please either attach the photo to the post or upload the photo to your photo gallery and then link to it there.

As much as I dislike red tape; this is a rule that, if HBA is going to survive, is a necessity. I would hate for someone to end up paying HUGE money for bandwidth that they are not creating. When HBA is up around 2000-3000 members (snicker) we could bring down a website just by hot linking to one of their photos. If you have any questions about this or would like to comment please post it to the suggestions area or email me directly. Sorry for the added bureaucracy :rolleyes: .

The good news is that I have just deleted a rule as well. I took a good look at the rule about discussing bans and decided it was not necessary. I do not think I will ever run into a situation where I would need to ban anyone. Even if it came to that, why not let it be discussed?

Anyway, thanks for your patience during these growing pains.