Rotec TBI problems

Jeff Brooks

New Member
Jul 10, 2022
Rochester NY
Hi All,
I recently bought a Rotec TBI MkII 48 4-5.
I installed it on a Ranger L-440-6 200hp engine.
The Rotec would start easily and run fine up until 1800rpm.
When the throttle was about 3/4 of the travel to full throttle, the engine just quits.
I am guessing that this is just an adjustment issue, but when I reached out to the people at Rotec my emails go unanswered.
I've read a few forums where builders have had to tinker with the Rotec in order to get it working ... but I would like some technical guidance from the manufacturer.

Initially I had an Ellison TBI 4-5 which ran fine but a little rich.
It stopped running eventually and I cannot get it overhauled or parts to overhaul it myself.

Has anyone out there had any experience with the Rotec TBI that could help?