Rogers International Airfield in Kentucky Fly-in/Camp out Oct. 26-27


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Aug 27, 2014
Louisville, KY
"Fly in to Rogers International Airport for another great event hosted by Gene and Friends!! This will be a bookend to the Memorial Day event and you know how much fun that was!! The event will begin early on Saturday morning and go till noon Sunday. Lunch Saturday afternoon and Steak bbq dinner will be served Saturday evening. Breakfast Sunday morning ! You can fly in on Friday if you wish, but must provide your own vittles. More details to follow. You must get a pilot briefing if you have not landed at Rogers previously. All pilots flying in will be required to sign a waiver."


I've been to the two previous fly-ins, and the food is fantastic. There's a great sitting area around the campfire, he's hired a local bluegrass player for entertainment, and the location is phenomenal. I'll post info about the waiver and briefing as it becomes available, the waiver has not been emailed yet.

Rogers is located 7 miles south of Stanton, KY at 37 degrees 44' 01" N, 83 degrees 48' 53" W. It is not on the charts. There will be a large yellow balloon marking the runway above the trees. Runway is 2000' flat followed by a 1500' inclined curved "ramp" for overrun and takeoff.

The approach is awesome, not too difficult, but probably not for the freshly minted licensee. You need to commit, but once committed, there is no go around, but it's a fairly easy landing. A good pilot in a Bonanza is a regular attendee, and a Super Chipmunk "Ghost Writer" landed here last time before giving a dusk airshow.

This is a long approach on a bumpy, gusty day, I had been following another plane in the pattern and wanted to give them plenty of time to turn around and park. No flaps on this Citabria, so slipped it after the last ridge.


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