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Old Koreelah

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Oct 4, 2013
Great discussion!
A very robust, compact and light signal mirror is a CD- and it even has a hole for sighting thru! Just keep it in its jacket to protect it from damage in storage.

One drawback of wearing a bulky vest is the chance it would hinder your escape from a pranged cockpit. I carry my beacon on my belt, but I could easily remove it if need be.


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Jan 24, 2011
I also have several of the Sawyer water filters that attach inline to a hydration bladder or even a standard soda/water bottle and allow you to drink directly from pretty much any water supply. Super light and can be carried in a cargo pocket. I keep those "near" but not on me.
If I were flying over serious wilderness, I'd consider a Lifestraw or something similar. As it is, having a couple of pints will have to do, and would be pretty useful to rinse out a wound, rehydrate a bit, etc.
I know I would think long and hard before digging a solar still. It looks like a good idea in the books/manuals, but in real life, in my experience, they are just not very productive. Maybe if a LOT of sun is available. I think if someone sweats at all when building it he might end up at a net H2O deficit for quite a while.