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Rag Wing RW-2 Project/Parts Package/Plans

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Jan 4, 2007
Mar 17, 2018
RW-2 "Special" Project/Parts/Plans package. The RW-2 is the "replica" of a Pitts. I've gone back to other hobbies so my work will save you a lot of work. This project was started and parts built with it being an ultralight in mind. All construction (gluing) was done with T-88 epoxy. Northern White Pine wood, and Birch and Mahogany aircraft plywood was used.

I'm only about 145# and 5'10", so I built planning on a 21" wide cockpit. To put that into perspective, the MiniMAX I built a few years ago is a 22" wide fuselage and it had ample room, even for the 175-ish# 6'2" pilot who test flew it.

Here's what I have built so far.

1) Ribs - 34 of them. 16 for the bottom wings and 18 for the top wings. Nose ribs also done and routed to proper shape. I'll include the rib jig board too.

2) Spars - All 8 of them for the top and bottom wings.

3) Fuselage Sides - Structure built and side plywood glued on. Bottom wing carry throughs are built but the fuselage sides have not yet been joined. It will be much easier to transport this way than if the fuselage construction had been completed to the canoe stage.

4) Plans and Manuals - 2 complete sets of printed 11" X 17" plans and assembly manuals. One set of plans is laminated that make a great set of "working plans" that won't get all tattered and torn through the building process.

5) Wood and Plywood - I have some wood already sawn to needed sizes (some long, some shorter pieces) and will include some nice Northern White Pine 1 X 6's that are about 4'' and 6' long. There are also 3 - 4' X 4' pieces of .8MM ply (leading edge "D" cell wrap), an almost full 4' X 4' piece of 1.0MM ply, and an almost full 4' X 4' piece of 1.5MM ply. All of that plywood is Birch.

6) Rag Wing Newsletters - Referred to as "Chapter 1" it is 9 issues of news and building tips from the 1990's. Interesting reading and potentially very helpful!

7) Rag Wing Video - Video done by Roger Mann pointing out important details about the construction of a RW-2. I think I also have a video that shows some RW-2 flying footage.

I probably am forgetting a few things that I'd include, but those are the main items. I feel this is a unique collection of material and parts to get someone off to a good start on building the little RW-2. I believe plans are still available, but only on disc or e-mail files, so this set of printed "factory" plans is probably a bit unusual.

Price for everything I have that is RW-2 related is $450.00. That is about the cost of the plans and materials alone....no allowance for the time involved to get the project up to this point. Because of physical size, shipping would be prohibitive. All of this would easily fit in a SUV, small station wagon or hatchback, or minivan. Delivery....well we could talk about that too for some reasonable cost. I have some other miscellaneous ultralight parts and pieces that I would also consider selling.

I think it's important to reveal my interest in selling. I have sold my MiniMAX and hangar and am getting out of airplanes to go back to other hobbies. Contact me if you'd like more information. If I miss your call, please leave your name, a good time to call, and your phone number, and I will definitely return your call. We could probably cover a lot of questions you might have much more quickly with a phone call than by e-mail or PM.

The parts aren't exactly photogenic, but here are a couple photos.

Thanks for looking!

Lynn Winter
(573) 788-2574 Home
(573) 286-3335 Cell (I rarely carry it)
[email protected]

2000-12-31 002 005.JPG2000-12-31 002 006.JPG2000-12-31 002 006.JPG


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Jan 4, 2007
Yeah....that's not exactly around the corner from Missouri. I'm going to the Oklahoma City area the end of next week if there's a chance of a connection. Long shot, but I thought worth mentioning.