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    Since entering my 7th decade, I have taken up reading the obituaries. No sense in trotting off to work if I see my name there... :)
    But recently one caught my eye = jaunty pilot type perched on the ladder to his T-38. Skinned through the name, rank and death date; nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of ex-military around here, so they go to the Land of Eternal Tailwinds from time to time. Then I caught the call sign: 'He flew combat missions during Operation Desert Storm in 1990-1991 and was assigned the call-sign of "Rackman." ' Ick - that couldn't be...
    But I guess it is. I had been trying to get up with him for a cup of coffee since he posted in Homebuilt Airplane and I found out he lived just up the road. The widow is in the same little town. Sent condolences.
    Anyway - here is the official:
    Obituary | Timothy Harold Galloway of Skipperville, Alabama | Holman Headland & Abbeville Mortuaries/Cremations
    Like I say - Tailwinds Always. Sure will be glad when time permits getting to know people.
    Percy in SE Bama

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