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don january

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Feb 10, 2015
Wingint took the time to make high resolution scans of all his MSC Chart HBA uploads above... and emailed them to me to host on my webserver.. so no more fuzzy reading.

You can find them all and several more here:

http://build.air-war.org/MSC Big Book Catalog - Charts/

You can click on them directly to display in your webbrowser, or right click on each file link and chose "Save as..." to save on your own computer, and open later in an image viewer.

If anybody needs to put some big files on the web (reference or otherwise) that would be useful to all, just email them to me (choppergirl@air-war.org), and I'll find a place for them and shoot you back a URL to it.
Nice charts thanks Chopper girl


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Jun 12, 2016
While I laud your intentions and effort, the HBA server is downsampling these to a smaller size, which is what it's set up to do. The smaller type is pretty much illegible.

You'd do better to scan them to PDF and put them up in a folder on Dropbox (or Box, Drive, OneDrive, etc.), and put a public link to that folder in your post here.
Can you either reopen my first post so that I can put a note at the top and just direct people to skip to Chopper girls #20 post where they can get to high resolution versions of the references, or if its easier, just add a note yourself. Thanks !