Pros and Cons of Traditional Aircraft Engines


Jan 23, 2021
Youngwerth... RE Your TSIO-550... what airframe was it installed in?

Lancair ES-P

I would suspect the post of a TSIO550 failure in this thread about engine weights was meant to have been posted in a different thread. just guessing.....

I was responding to the message that said most engine failures are external components rather than internal components. I experienced an internal component failure. My general view is that GA engines are not as reliable as they could be or should be. I suspect most automotive engines today have lower failure rates than GA engines; especially when considering engine internals only. That is due to the availability of engineering resources required to achieve very high levels of manufacturing quality. Stated another way, modern automotive engine manufacturing rarely builds engines with parts that don't meet manufacturing specifications or are not assembled to specification. I suspect manufacturing defects are significantly higher in GA engine component manufacturing and assembly vs automotive engines.

My statements were meant to be both a plug to automotive engines (when properly installed and engineered) and my observation of endemic problems in the GA engines from personal experience.

My failure was almost certainly a manufacturing defect. One that has likely continued to propagate due to a failure to determine the root cause of the problem and take corrective actions. There was a proposed AD several years ago for the problem that various GA lobbying groups squashed. AD was probably not the right solution to the problem but finding the root cause and making changes to prevent future failures should be.