Power Off - 1-G vs. "Controllable" stall


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Sep 20, 2014
Melbourne Aust.
Thanks George for the advice, I'll take it under advisement and when I get back into Aust I'll have a look at the literature.


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Jul 29, 2005
Orange County, California
We had a two-seater (kind of like an ultralight, but heavier and N-numbered). We put it down in a small elementary school playground after a drivetrain failure (it was a Saturday). It didn’t even get the attention of the adjoining neighbors. We had someone bring parts and tools, and did a field repair before flying it out of the schoolyard (flew out solo due to the short field). On Monday, we notified the guys at the local FAA GADO office (we had a good working relationship with them and they considered this as a training ultralight). Their answer was as long as no one was hurt and there was no property damage, there was no need to file a report.
We had one of the higher-ups at the Riverside (CA) FSDO as a member of our soaring club for several years, and he'd usually come out to tow rather than fly gliders, although he was rated in both. Never flew in a glider with him, but he was a good tow pilot. Solid, stead, and knew what was going on back in your glider almost as well as you did. He was a great resource for us in working with the FAA, including two crashes we had there in the space of a few months, after none for years (and none in the years since). Between him and various visits for student certificates and the like, my experience of the FAA at the FSDO level has been that the generally will do a lot to find the practical, rational solution to keep you flying, provided you work with them, too. Have a positive attitude and listen to what they have to say, and they'll generally do a heck of a lot to help you along. Be blatant about violating rules, have an attitude, or generally try to buck them when they're clearly correct? Thus starts a pretty difficult day.

Generally very pragmatic bunch.


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Apr 10, 2007
Fresno, California
We had one of the higher-ups at the Riverside (CA) FSDO as a member of our soaring club for several years
It was, in fact, the same Riverside office I was referring to in my earlier post, but probably many years earlier.