Poor man Mode C Install


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Mar 15, 2013
I'm doing a poor man's Mode C install thanks to all of the units popping up on ebay from ads-B replacements. I just want a quick reality check here to make sure there is nothing I am missing. I think I cna get everything I need for under $300 plus whatever the radio shop charges to sign it off for me. My thinking, which was reinforced after talking to vendors at oshkosh) is that the market is being flooded with old mode C transponders that can picked up for dirt cheap now and when 2020 rolls around there will be a plethora of companies offering add on ADS-B in / out boxes in the 1k range.

So here is what I know I need, let me know if anything is off:

-transponder (kt76a) $150
-transponder tray (this includes the connector and is with the transponder)
-transponder connector pins (KT76a requires 12) $35
- Blind encoder ack a-30 $25
- DB15 plug for encoder $8
- transponder antenna $25
- transponder coax cable (with transponder
- 22 ga wire
-3 amp fuse