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Apr 8, 2004
If you learn to fly in or near Colorado, the local knowledge available to you will be multiple times more helpful than anything I could offer. I have no doubt they'll cover this during your training. If not, there are lots of seminars/specialized training available.

Bearhawk has a two seat Patrol version in addition to the four seater.

Doran Jaffas

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Jun 25, 2019
TL;DR: I’m saving up for a project! 60K is my absolute max on the budget, and I’ve been researching the hell out of many many planes to determine what I should go with! Any insight or information on any of these planes, or any other planes, would be highly appreciated!

Hey there! I’m Anthony, and I’m pretty new to aviation in general. I’ve been researching a lot about planes, and the more I look into Experimental, Kits, or Homebuilt aircraft, the more I really would love to start a project. Primary issue about that is that right now I’m only 20, and am currently saving my money for a down payment on a house, and won’t have the money allocated for a plane until roughly 2 to 3 years from now on my current budget. So for now I am planning! I’ve researched planes in the 60K maximum area, and have found a lot of good options, and could use any advice you’d like to give! Here’s my options so far!

Van’s RV-4: literally everyone loves this plane that I’ve seen. If you’re a regular here I assume you already know all about it and more.
Sonex/Waiex: Seems like a solid set of planes with a good track record, although the engine choices have me stumped! This plane sounds like a good middle ground of being realistically completable in a couple years, while also having a lot of things I enjoy!
Sonex OneX: there’s a lot less info out there on this than the Waiex or Sonex; but this is the most interesting of the 3 to me, as garage storage sounds incredible! On top of that I’d most definitely be able to invest in top tier avionics too!
Merlin PSA: This thing looks stupid easy to work with. Realistically completable in 2 months by someone like me, it sounds like a great way to dip my toes into building while also having a nice little plane to have fun in! It’s also super efficient, which would be nice for my use case.
SkyCraft SD-1 Minisport: I just found this one tonight, with a wooden frame it seems to be the most unique one to build, although I’m no carpenter and am not sure of the ups and downs to building with wood, any advice on it would be appreciated! This plane is similar to the PSA in actual use, however the build process seems fun and unlike anything else, which is both a good and terrifying prospect at the same time. I’m not sure if they still make kits however, it seems like they may have moved onto only prebuilts.

Thanks for reading through my long ass list of BS! I’m interested in learning more about the build process and look forward to working on one of these for a year or a few down the line, thanks for any help!
Another thought from an owner of se real EAB and certified aircraft.

Owning / building is not necessarily less expensive. My thought here is might make sense or might not.

Look for an inexpensive 2 seater of the factory built type that you would like to fly. My inexpensive is in the 20-40k range. Get your license ppl or otherwise in that. The savings during your training will be slightly offset using your own bird. From 1 $125 per hr. upwards for not renting. Thus you will also slightly offset the investment in your airplane. Once your desired license is obtained you will be flying a bird you are ( hopefully ) comfortable in while assessing its performance utility for your needs and want list. This should help you narrow down the search for you in EAB aircraft or factory built if you decide you want or need a change. You need to look at other fixed costs as well but that is for another discussion.