Piel CP 750 Beryl plans clarification


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Sep 18, 2022
Ontario, Canada
Hello all. I'm working on digitizing the CP 750 Beryl using Solid Works with the eventual goal of building an updated version of the design. The plans for the main spar seem unclear regarding the rear shear web. When looking at the dwg it is difficult to decipher if the 3mm plywood is continuous from tip to tip or if it stops at rib station 9 and transitions to 5mm plywood. Based on the hidden line on the "straight" section of the spar I believe there is only 1 layer of plywood on the rear shear web which steps down from 5mm to 3mm but wanted to get others' opinions. I believe the spar design on the Beryl is very similar to the Super Emeraude so perhaps someone with a set of Super Emeraude plans could chime in.

Thanks in advance.



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    Piel Beryl Main Spar.png
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