Phase 1/Pilot Training Question


New Member
Jan 30, 2023
Newbie here – non-pilot, first time builder. I’m planning on building a Zenith 750 Cruzer when I retire in a few years, and I am probably going to start the process soon so I can get a jump start on the project into retirement. That said, I have some questions about the Phase 1/Pilot Training process after the build is complete:

  • For the 40 hour Phase 1 (or whatever time/task requirement needed after MOSAIC ), do I need to hire someone to complete the Phase 1, or can someone from a local EAA chapter complete it for some free airtime? What would be the approximate cost if I need to hire someone?
  • Does the Phase 1 pilot need to have experience in the exact type of plane, or can any certified pilot complete the Phase 1?
  • Does an instructor need to have experience in the exact type of plane?
  • If I can’t find a local qualified instructor, would you know of any flight schools I can travel to that would have a full-time training program that can be completed in a relatively short time frame (hopefully, four weeks or less).
  • Would I be able to complete ground school locally if I need to travel to a flight school?
Ironically, I’ve always wanted to learn to fly, but at this stage in my life, I think I’m more excited about building the plane since I enjoy long-term challenging projects.