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Feb 3, 2003
Hey All,

I am working on a group buy on these fine governors.

I started this thread so you can reply to the deal, my inbox doesn't fill up while I am away for the next 3 days AND to inform EVERYONE of the deal! It will be listed on 2 forums and the savings are substantial.

This is just a feeler thread designed to get a list of names and an idea of how many SERIOUS parties we would have, thereby determining our leverage in the buy.

If you want some more information on the guv, see the website at: www.pcu5000.com .

I am planning on releasing some numbers sometime next week based on replies from this thread. The deal will advertise for approximately 30 days and the next 30 day period will be the final payment/shipment phase.

This will be a fast deal and the only one I will run, as I will be in on it too!

These guvs fit all lycs and can be configured for all of our planes. All you have to do is provide them with the correct information at the time of purchase and it will all be taken care of. Don't worry about it now, though.

Delivery will be made to your door when final payment is made. I am making the deposit HEAVY (80-90% of the total cost) to weed out uncertainty and waffling. No tire kickers! Serious individuals ONLY!

Check in here if you are an interested party!


:cool: CJ