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(part of)Kitplanes May 2002 Issue!

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Oct 8, 2014
Goodie Goodie moarning gentlemen and gentlewomen!

The other day I found this cute airplane 'Aeriane Motor Swift' on Dan Johnson site. (ByDanJohnson.com - Ultralight Motorgliders)
And as usual the images on the website are a little smaller than I'd like.
I've been to Kitplanes digital archive but I was told they don't have anything dating past 2004 due to a fire that destroyed their warehouse or something!

i was wondering...
Would any one of your kind gentlemen and gentlewomen help me get a scanned image of this image? That would be most Egg-sealant! Awesome!

Yeah I know its strange to ask this.. But I just can't get over any cute looking airplane. If there were a cute bird and a cute girl I'm not sure which one I'd go for. T.T

EDIT: This is from May 2002 issue!