overheating problem rotax 582 mod 99 blue head

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Sep 9, 2013
We have new engine rotax 582 and we install this engine for use on powered hang glider ,
now we have problem with water temp on this engine , Rotax 582 Mod99 (Blue headed) engine with about 10 hours. I'm having overheating problems: At 5500 rpm the water temperature goes up to 80 ºC with the outside temperature (air) about 30ºC.
The water temperature usually stabilizes at about 75ºC at 5100 rpm and goes to 80°C at 5500rpm.
I've checked:
- cooling liquid (anti-freeze 50% water 50%)
- fuel octane / fuel mixture
- water pump props
- cooling ducts
- instruments or sender (tested with termometer out side the motor)
- thermostat (tested with termometer out side the motor)
- changed spark plug
- changed air filter and without air flter .
- changed jet needle and needle jet
- airscrew turn 270 º
- checked rotary valve ,

please let me know if any person have solution for me .