Operating an airplane without a valid driver's license

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Oct 8, 2021
It would be better off getting myself 3rd medical.

This post is beyond meaningless. Please delete this, admin.

Has anyone done a checkout for an LSA rental without presenting their driver's license? If you've done so, do they check your driver's license vigorously?

My U.S. DL license has expired. Nevertheless, 14 CFR § 61.3 only calls for a "U.S. driver's license" without explicitly stating the driver's currency as a requirement, so I guess the expiration date isn't a problem and the license is still "valid" in the eyes of the FAA. The worst part is that the DMV has made a typo, and the DOB on the DL license is XX/XX/88, instead of XX/XX/98 (took me two years to realize) - so that doesn't match up with my FAA license.

However, most states do recognize foreign driver's licenses and therefore I can operate a road vehicle legally. Would this argument work?
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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
The owners of the airplane get to have it their way; you are using their property. They could require something silly. Their hoops to jump. That also means they might not ask either.

Out in the wild on the ramp, getting ramp checked has those requirements.

Current and valid is required. Current would be not expired. Valid would be not revoked or suspended.