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Discussion in 'Hangar Flying' started by fly2kads, Dec 15, 2013.

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    I got to take my 12 year-old son and one of his friends on what has become an annual trip down to Lancaster, TX. The main event is the annual sale at Air Salvage of Dallas. There, we get to examine all manner of airframe parts, wheels, instruments, engines, you name it. Just about anything you can strip off an aircraft. They had several engines this year: a Subaru with redrive, an O-320, an O-540, and a TSIO-360. They usually have one "rebuilder project" on display. This year, it was a bit different: a nearly complete Zenith CH-750.

    They were selling the Zenith as a package with a disassembled O-200 (new cylinders still in boxes), a new Catto prop, a Dynon EFIS system, and other goodies. Looks like a great start for someone!

    Wandering around the back yard is a sobering reminder to be careful out there. You don't want to wind up here like this RV did.

    After lunch at the airport greasy spoon, we wandered up the field to the hangar of the D/FW wing of the Commemorative Air Force. There were a few gentlemen in there doing winter maintenance on their collection of warbirds. They let us roam around, and opened up their mini museum for us.
    It all made for a pretty good day. The boys spent the whole evening flying balsa gliders, and when it got too cold and dark, X-Plane. Nice to give them some inspiration!

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