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Parts For Sale O-320 D3G Prop Strike Engine Core

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Victor Bravo

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Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
My EAA chapter has received a donation of an O-320 D3G dynafocal engine from a PA-28 Cherokee prop strike incident. This was a high-power prop strike incident on takeoff, not one of those "ehhh...maybe we can straighten it a few thousandths" minor events with a towbar or wheel chock.

It has a starter and an alternator and an oil filter and an oil cooler and some of the exhaust system. But there are NO mags or carburetor. There is physical damage to the engine, including a busted alternator mount bracket arm and the oil dipstick tube. The prop flange on this engine is bent about 5-8 degrees, enough that you can see it with the naked eye.

No, there are no logbooks with this, but the original Avco data plate is still on the engine. So this is an engine rebuild project instead of "an engine"...if you have access to the needed parts you can possibly save significant money compared to buying an engine from an overhaul shop or a used running engine. Or, you can use this as a starting point to self-finance an engine over time while you're building your airplane.

I put this on Barnstormers for $5999 sell/trade. HBA members can take 10% off that number. Crating and shipping are available at a reasonable cost, or you're welcome to be a cheapskate, drive in, and throw it into your truck bed as-is.

We're looking for an undamaged, complete O-200 engine in trade if you happen to have one.

Cherokee Engine 1.jpg

Cherokee Engine 3.jpg

Cherokee Engine 4.jpg
Cherokee Engine 7.jpg
Cherokee Engine 8.jpg
Cherokee Engine 9.jpg
Cherokee Engine 6.jpg
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