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Jan 30, 2003
New Hampshire
Hello everyone,
Been reading the other posts, so here I am. I was born and lived for 20-yrs in Minnesota, land of lots of lakes. Loved it there, hope to go back someday. Planes (mostly float and seaplanes) were all around me during those years. I loved it. Never flew myself, but got lots of neat and interesting rides.
After a stint with Uncle Sam, I moved up to New Hampshire in 1971, got my private in 1984 and just got back into flying after being dormant since 1992. Have been in EAA and a local chapter since 1983 & head up our chapter newsletter. At our chapter workshop, I have helped in the restoration of a '47 Champ which ended being an 11-year project, and now the chapter is building a look-a-like LMA single-seat Champ lightplane for the last 5-yrs. We are blessed to have many career in aviation members who have tons of building-flying-mechanical experience and we have several project builders many who are already flying & others working in that direction. Have enjoyed the homebuilder atmosphere since exposed to it. Nice to see innovation and real experimenting in the aviation arena. Would like to build a seaplane or restore an older Cessna that could go on floats/skis. Seem to be constantly drawn to the liquid runways.
I am looking forward to this forum and what it has to offer, and hope that I might be able to help in some way. Thanks for being here:)


Site Developer
Oct 22, 2002
Pacific NW, USA!

Sorry it's taken me so long to welcome you to the site. I've been busy with my own Uncle Sam excursion and just got back to the wired world yesterday when I finally got my computer working yesterday. My computer melted down while I was away and I've been fighting my Hard Drive manufacturer for the 3 weeks I've been back.

Anyway, thanks for the intro. If you need any help figuring out this somewhat complicated (so I'm told over and over :D ) site, let me know. I should be back in the loop for the foreseeable future.