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Aug 8, 2009
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Don't write off the gliding to quickly.

With your power rating you can earn a Sport Pilot Glider certificate if there is a suitable two seat trainer. No FAA Examiner is required saving about $500 and it counts as a flight review that in a rental Cessna would cost many more $$. You can then fly with your kids and your dad and very soon take the commercial glider check ride which can let you fly gliders for free as the passengers pay the tow fees.

Having others pay you to fly will also help your wife see that you are a safe pilot, not like those yahoos on the news. Flying can be safe.

CFIG is another possibility. You can teach your kids to fly.

Very likely you can find a job as a tow pilot for the power flying.

Don't confuse the Challenger II with an ultralight. If you do decide to go the UL route there are better choices. The glider and UL is a very nice combination but if you do not do the commercial / CFI glider the UL will dominate your time and effort. You will end up a happy has been glider pilot like our friend VB who thinks about Sport Pilot CFI but has too many other things to do like post thousands of HBA comments to the love lorne pilots you will find here.


Edit: Get into the flying now while you have the time. This advice is worth every cent you paid for it. PM me for additional marginal recommendations.
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Apr 3, 2007
Welcome to the ranks of pilots who took a hiatus during the young kids / house buying phase.

My wife has no interest in flying with me (any more), but has no problem with me flying and taking the kids (though they're in their early 30s now). She went on a number of flying "adventures" with me in the 1941 T-Craft I owned at the time (a twentysomething with his own plane pretty much guarantees "adventure") and has no desire to repeat them.

I was lucky, though, as I owned the plane before I met her, which made airplane ownership non-negotiable. Even during our broke years when I couldn't afford even to rent and the T-Craft (disassesmbled in need of restoration) sat in the garage, it was, "I'm not selling it except to buy another plane." I ammended that slightly to "another flying machine" 10 years later when I discovered that paramotors cost about the same as a project T-Craft was worth.

Then a Kolb ultralight, then a Fisher FP404 that's almost an ultralight, then a very ratty cheap Starduster. I could get away with single seat because she didn't want to fly with me anyway. Finally I wrecked the Starduster in a forced landing and my wife, bless her heart, said, "stop buying crap", so I bought the Hatz I'm flying now, first two seater since the T-Craft 30 years ago... one of these days I think she'll do the $100 burger thing with me, it's doable with a 10 minute flight.

If your wife is claustrophobic and worried that airplanes are fragile, buy a Stearman... open cockpit and built like a tank. :)


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Jan 1, 2013
I married a keeper. When we were thinking of getting married I told her that I have been an airplane lover since 5 years old and will not change. It it comes to airplanes or you, airplanes win. She has been completely supporting in everything about airplanes from day one. Told her a house comes first. I build the house , did everything except for the concrete work. Drove every nail, electrical, plumbing, etc, etc. We moved into the house debt free and I started looking for an airplane to buy. Have owned about 13 airplanes ( 2 airplanes twice) and she loves to fly and is a good navigator. We have traveled a lot all over the county together and loved every minute of it. She likes the C-172's the best. Easy to get into and don't have to climb up on a wing to the cockpit and have a wing for shade. We both have family all over the county and got to fly to visit with them.
Married July 29, 1960.
She started an aircraft company and my second flying job was flying for her company. Great boss. Sold the company after 7 years.


Apr 8, 2021
This is very simple, we've discussed this before on HBA.

Tell your wife that you were thinking about taking up flying as a hobby again, but three of your good old boy friends were also talking to you about forming a men's travel club to visit the different bars and nightclubs in exotic places like Bangkok, Tijuana, and Copenhagen.

Works like a charm.
I can see how that would solve the issue. After the divorce she couldn't say anything about me buying a plane! 🤣