New member and long time Wolf 11 (Boredom Fighter ) builder.

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Jun 19, 2022
I have been retired for many years and should have plenty of time for aeroplane building, but for many reasons beyond my control that doesn't always seem to be the case.

My Boredom Fighter project began in the late 1980s, when I was still working and didn't have much spare time. It is now a complete airframe and just about ready for a first trial rigging of the wings, then fabric covering and weight and balance to establish the length of the engine mount.

I have a dismantled low time A-80 (-8J) awaiting rebuilding. My U.K. LAA inspector recently retired, but is likely to be helping me with the engine work, having already rebuilt many small Continentals.

I now have an NPPL (DVLC Group 1 med only now) and try to maintain currency with my share in an Aeronca Chief. I used to have a PPL, but a medical problem in 1997 stopped that, unfortunately.

I have mostly flown a small variety of light tailwheel aircraft and have around 650 hours altogether. Looking forward to being a member of the forum - and finding a few answers!


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