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Dan Thomas

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Sep 17, 2008
Hadn't seen that, but it's interesting. I hope it can be affordably produced and sold.

As usual, it's up to someone other than the OEMs to come up with tangible improvements. O-rings replacing gaskets is a big one. Roller lifters (although Lycoming started using them 10 years ago, finally). I'm not sure, though, about the needle-bearing rockers. I've seen bad wear where needle bearings were used in a short-arc application; the needles wore grooves in the shaft. They had been used to replace plain bronze bushings, which had lasted many times longer. Are needle bearing rockers used in race applications, maybe?

And the statement that the O-200 doesn't really produce 100 HP. Known that for a long time. I've flown plenty of O-200s and found that the C-90 could out-pull it. Jan Carlsson, our prop expert, once said that they used 85 HP for designing and testing O-200 props.


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Dec 16, 2007
Port Townsend WA
The company is almost certain to be Dynon/Vashon near Seattle. For use in the Vashon Ranger to replace the 0-200.