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Dec 31, 2010
Spokane, WA
Well gang, I suppose a re-introduction and an "official welcome" is in order. I am now the proud and equally intimidated owner of an in-progress Glastar kit! I want to thank you all for your advice, perspective and unwitting knowledge transfer as I've lurked on this site and others for a year or two.

Here's a bit of my story....

Been investigating EAB offerings for a few years, having looked at everything from RV to Glastar to RV to Vision to Cozy to RV to Glastar. In the end the combination of mission fit, quality of kit and documentation, builder/community support, and price narrowed the field substantially. I purchased an in-progress Glastar from a talented builder in Montana for a very fair price and hauled it back to Denver this past weekend. I'm still catching up on lost sleep!

So, the aircraft now sits in my tandem 3-car garage. I have a temporary wing jig holding the cleco'd left wing until I can formalize that. The fuse is towards the rear of the garage next to the workshop area, and the finished rudder and HS are hanging on a wall, with all the remaining parts/pieces stored on metal shelving and built-in overhead garage storage. I am amazed at how tidy this can all be and how much room I actually have to work....and the wife's car still fits in there!

We moved it in a 22' rental truck with the cleco'd wing mounted to temporary jig against the side wall, and the fuse on it's (very nicely constructed) rotisserie and tail stands. Some tie-downs and strategically placed cartons held the rest of the load in place for the 1000+ mile trip.

So...for anyone still reading this, who may have acquired an in-progress build, what advice would you give me for digging in? The documentation of where the previous builder left off is quite good, but I thought I would crack the manuals from the beggining and walk thorugh all the steps completed to so far to identify and missing or skipped sections, and just become more familiar with the vernacular and processes.

I look forward to many years of great info from this gang....and I hope to bring some inspiration or even new ideas as I progress through this labor of love.

-Paul Catterson (a.k.a. Cattflight)