Need some advice on fabricating Cub gear.


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Jun 18, 2018
Syracuse, NY
Hello all, I've been plugging away at my Jr Ace project making progress. One of the tasks at hand is fabricating the Cub style gear legs. I'm using drawings from
So far I have the tubing for the gear vee rough-cut and I have the "bearing assembly" brackets which the gear will pivot on.
1668200666904.png 1668200514224.png

The base of the bracket is smaller than the tube it attaches to (1"x 1-1/8" bracket to 1-1/4" tube). What I'm trying to establish is how the top of the tube is supposed to be reshaped to meet the bracket so the reinforcement strap fits nicely. Currently I'm focusing on the forward tube of the gear vee. The aft, angled, tube is a later puzzle that should be pretty straightforward once I figure out the forward fitting.

So, what I'd like to know is, how did Piper bend, cut, weld, or heat the forward tube of the gear vee to fit the bearing bracket?

I'm going to go stare at a J-3 yet again later tonight, but it's hard to see much when the gear is installed and the fitting is obscured by paint and fabric. Any insight would be appreciated.