Need a smaller landing light...

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Apr 18, 2011
Some months ago, I fitted 2 of these 18 watt 9 Epistar leds from Malaysia to my SSDR aircraft (similar to Part 103)....

18W Bright Motorcycle 6 LED Fog White Headlight Spot Light Durable 12-80V | eBay

75mm diameter, very light weight because of the cheap and nasty ugly pressed ali housing/heat sink, rubbish mounting bracket etc.... but about 2,300 lumen light output each, and unlike many other led lamps they do not cause rfi.

Need to modify the rubbish mounting bracket etc but at only $4 each plus postage... worth a punt, ,or the leds and lens unit could easily be modified and fitted to a better housing

Any idea on the weight of this light?


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Oct 24, 2012
Denver, CO
use Lumens to compare light brightness. Watts across different light technologies is meaningless.
You will want a spotlight of 30 degrees or less spread.


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Nov 3, 2007
The narrower the beam, the fewer lumens you need. As long as the beam is wide enough, the pertinent figure will be lux* at a certain distance.This depends a lot on the optics. My guess is that a 10 degree beam ought to be wide enough if you approach at about the same angle of attack every time, but I may well be wrong. A 10 degree beam would require something like 16 percent of the lumens a 25 degree beam would, to get the same level of illumination at the center of the beam.

You can get individual LED's, reflectors, and power supplies from places like Digikey or an LED specialty place. There are several of the latter on line. If you only use the landing light at full intensity when in motion, you can get by with a smaller heat sink than would normally be required. You might be able to get something smaller this way.

What's your approach speed with this airplane? I should think you'd need more than a car headlight (1500 lumens or so?), but I may be wrong.

*lux = lumens per square meter


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Jul 15, 2014
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Mini hid. Size is the lens size, the flanges may be a problem.
In my assorted electronics bits, I've got a 4000 lumen 30w cree xhp70 led. That fits in a 25mm moulded plastic lens, maybe even a 20mm one. It needs a regulator, but if you want a lot of light, a cluster of those will do very nicely. I think halogen car headlights are about 1500 lumens. has a selection of lens.
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