Narfi's Scratch Built Zenith 750 Super Duty

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Feb 23, 2016

Decided to turn Landon's canoe into a sailing trimaran without buying any plans(or having ever sailed, or ever even seen a sailboat up close with an interest in operation)...... o_O

Made a mast and boom from 1x4s with 12oz glass in and out. I think they are way overkill and heavy, though lighter than if solid... As much time as I spent doing it I wish I had bought foam and made them lighter while learning more about it. Plenty good for fun playing around experiment though so all good :)

Still need to fair the mast and boom, paint them and cut the track groove.

Modeled the hulls in solidworks and cut the panels and bulkheads from 1/8" hydrotek (marine grade mereniti plywood) and will tape the seams in and out with 6oz biax and finish the outside with one layer of 6oz woven.

Hulls are 1.5 sheets of plywood long so roughly 12ft. Connecting beams will be 12ft long rectangle boxes from 1x4s (same core as the mast)
The Canoe is 14ft long, so with all 3 hulls connected it will be roughly 14ft long and 12ft wide.

Self teaching myself solidworks made some beginner errors but the panels still fit nicely together so for building stuff that probably can't kill me I am happy with the exercise.

Maybe optimistic but hoping to be done in a month or so...... Landon told me it has to be done before 4th of July so he can show it off :)

Maybe that will get me a little closer to having some finished 750SD plans instead of a piece at a time.... or I will just resume doing a piece at a time which I still enjoy immensely :)

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Oct 7, 2013
97FL, Florida, USA
Nice project. I built the mast (hollow wood, sort of like your’s) without power tools, circa 1956, for a sailboat that my father and I built.

Your son will have fond memories of being with / working with you for a lifetime. I know.