My Dragonfly Project and What happened?


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Jul 22, 2014
I found an ad on Barnstormers of a plane kit/project know as a SNAP Dragonfly by Viking Aircraft. I thought for sure that there was no chance the kit was available still at the price being offered and I called anyway and the owner said it was. I asked him if I could make payments on the plane and he said that'd be fine. Said just send me what you can when you can. I did and over the period of about a year I paid for the kit mostly with tip money from my dishwashing job at a Restaurant. I had communicated with the guy about my intent to pick up the project asap but that I was relocating to Oregon from California my Father also passed away during this time and I was looking at picking it up later.

The kit being in New York State and me in Oregon it was a considerable logistical undertaking. Fast forward another year and I try to contact the Bill (the guy that sold me the kit) and I get a this number is disconnected or no longer in service message. I try to send a message through PayPal to his PayPal account email and see a message that this person's account is not accepting payments at this time. At that point I'm thinking oh **** maybe he died. He was an older guy in his late 60's- early 70's.

I looked up his name in the area where I understand he lived and saw in that area two people with the same name both obituaries and one of them was a military pilot and G.A. pilot later. I couldn't be sure if either of these person's were him by the timeline of when I had spoke with Bill last and the dates listed in the obituaries. I did attempt to contact next of kin via the funeral homes but have not received anything back. I'm not sure if Bill did in fact die and/if his children have assumed his estate or sold or attempted to sell my Dragonfly project but while I didn't pay a huge amount of money for it it was something and more importantly represents a considerable effort and perseverance on my part to invest in a goal, a dream and something to look forward to during a time where I was and had been experiencing much hardship.

If anyone knows of Pilot Bill Martin of New York State last know to fly a Grumman Yankee, knows his next of kin, knows of the sale of my Dragonfly project or has other useful support/suggestions on how I may be able to get in contact with Bill, his next of kin if Bill is in fact deceased, or to otherwise locate my plane please let me know.