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Oct 20, 2003
Northern NSW Australia
I have been playing with one of my R/C designs I made to test my engines with, and I wanted to test the wing in DesignFOIL but It does not seem to support it. I have already decided I will make it anyway, as I am pretty sure it will be OK, and with a model plane, its just a case of another day's work if it doesn't fly properly, as opposed to a year's work and possibly a looong stay in hospital or worse!
So, with my printouts in hand, I have begun to knock up a quick set of foil templates for the wing and hopefully I will have the model weighted and ready for glide tests pretty soon. I will have 2x7 Lb thrust engines ready to put on it next week.
The total span is only 1238mm so it's not a big model, it really just to begin to work out fuel delivery and run inital reliability tests...
I have some bigger engines also in the mill, but these are for much larger scale tests.
By now I guess you are wondering "but whats this to do with making a real plane??"
Here it is, I have been toying with a design for an aircraft with a similar 2 stage wing for many years now, and I want to be able to run some computer based tests on it before I went to the expense of producing it.
I really think it looks pretty cool, who knows, maybe one day I might try to scale it up and produce a big version of it as well?