More Riveting and other Errata

Discussion in 'Workshop Tips and Secrets / Tools' started by Rick Galati, Mar 3, 2003.

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    Rick Galati

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    Many of you have probably used this trick at one time or another, but a good technique for replacing a drilled out rivet in a hole that is now slightly oversized is to pre-swell the new rivet first. Usually done in a hand squeezer, you slightly squeeze the rivet so that its diameter swells to nearly match the diameter of the hole it is to be installed in. Makes it much easier to set the new rivet without cleating over.:cool:

    Need the quick use of a poor mans feeler gauge? Use a drill bit. Many drill bits shanks are the same diameter as the flutes. I.E. a #40 drill bit shank is .098, a 1/8 drill bit shank is .125 etc. etc.

    Dab RTV unto the ends of scat tube to help stop the cord from unraveling. Also dab RTV onto the ends of firesleeve to help prevent "wicking".:cool:

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