LS1 Engine for aircraft?


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Jan 19, 2016
Georgia, USA
I agree. I know the LQ9 and LQ4 (both 6.0s) are truck/van motors and can be bored out .30 "safely", the only difference between the 2 are pistons that give them different compression ratios, same heads 317 casting #s I believe with 72cc chambers ... You are spot on with the truck intakes making low end power and I also agree with the cam, I believe lutani(sp?) or comp cams make a "trucker" cam that is made for low end power, the cam I have comes in at 2800 or so up to about 6500 if I remember right. The stock cam pulled WAY harder down low when you stomped it to burn those tires.

1.) If you had the $ go with a Alum LSX Warhawk block, bore it big with a good medium stroke ( for longevity, piston wont wobble at the bottom of the cylinder) and high compression pistons
2.) Build a cheaper Alum 6.0 block bored/ medium stroke with 9.5-10:1 compression and put a good small turbo on it if RPMs were staying low

The LS platform is so available, cheap, reliable, and able to make power I believe it is the best contender for a V8 style automotive engine (in my opinion)

ekimneirbo: You must be an LS guy? Where abouts in Deep South?
I like HP tunners. I got it right before I got out of college and started an internship, then flying lessons, and then picked up two jobs and now started a small business while working one job. Sooo I havn't had much time to "learn" everything but it is an in depth program that I don't fully understand but I can get by with it.


Oct 31, 2014
Deep South
HM2. Trust me when I tell you that I have researched the LS combinations extensively. The world bocks have better longer liners to prevent piston rock at BDC which can be a problem with 4 or longer stroker cranks. World also has priority main oiling. Lots of good things but their extra thickness makes them heavy. If you are honestly considering using a car engine in an airplane, I would suggest that you be sure what kind of flying you want to do. Often slick fast planes catch new pilots attention. Then as time passes they decide flying 200 mph when most of the time you are on short trips isn't what they really want. Then low N slow becomes more interesting. The thing you really need to do first is take a few flights in some low and slow cubs,aeroncas,or homebuilt STOL planes and maybe an open cockpit. Do that and see how you like it. After you do it,THEN
decide what type of flying you want to and what airplane you want. Then decide if an LS is a good choice. There are some airplanes like the Bearhawk which can work with the LS. There are other alum auto engines to consider. I love LS engines, but I have finally decided that with most of the airplanes I like, it is. heavier than what I want.


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Jul 26, 2016
Denver, Colorado
They only list email now....they were getting too many calls and they've scaled back with virus. I'd give them 3 or 4 days to respond. They are speaking with some shops about becoming dealers. If so. It will likely be posted on their website.