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Parts For Sale Lots of vw full and half parts for sale

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Nov 4, 2021
I would rather sell this stuff as one lot...have 4 94mm nickasil jugs..two with pistons ,rings and wrist pins..Have 8 Scat heads..two with dual plugs..have the 86 mm Casler crank,three half cases..one a Global..three prop hubs, one is a force one...two full cases with cranks..one a Mosler 2180. 92 an 94 jugs with pistons ,rings and wrist pins. one set of total seal rings...94's I think...two accessory cases...6 oclock...one with alternator and starter and ring gear,regulators...lots of bearings, half and full cams..rods,several half cranks..one or two look useable..others might work with a grind...and sand blasting. All are counter weighted.. several back plates, two half surplus slick mags..one new..the other on an o42 surplus engine that can go as a whole unit.. and one set of Millholland heads and various Mikuni carbs that probably fit. couple of zenith carbs for half vw's. lots of bearings...and two Porsche jugs of some sort...at least two vw props...one for half vw...54x28 the other for full vw...All for one money...make offer..