Looking for 1-26 advice

Jan 27, 2012
Glendale, CA
Hello All,

I recently acquired a 1-26B from an auction and immediately joined the 1-26 association but their site is not really set up to ask questions and the few I did have gone unanswered. I figured I would ask here. Below is a cut and paste from the question I asked to the association and curious if anyone here (Bob K?) can shed some light in these or possibly PM me someone to talk to.

Just picked up SN#390 from an auction and while the plane is in good shape most of the cockpit area is bare and needs to be redone. There is no seatback, floors or instrument panel. I am pretty tall at 6'4" so chances are I would have changed these items anyhow. I have sat in a 1-26 and do fit but its tight. Anyhow I have many questions below.
  • Are there links to any drawings on the 1-26 site for the seat back and how its built? Same question on instrument panel and floorboards.
  • What is different between a 1-26B and 1-26D that allows a larger gross weight of 700lbs. Mine is only 10 SN from the D switch over and curious if there is anything I can do to the airframe to get the higher gross allowance?
  • I have a W&B for the plane as is (when it was complete) and the max pilot weight to keep under 600lbs is 179lbs. Its empty weight was 421lbs. Yet the W&B also shows a max pilot weight based on CG only and its 236lbs which is right around what I weigh. Im fat due to covid sedentary life and my usual weight is 225lbs.
  • Is there really a 6lb fixed weight in the nose? If so can it be removed since it only hurts me gross weight wise?
  • Since I have a blank slate cockpit wise, I think I can build extra light and have a very spars panel to get some of the useful load back.
  • Off the cuff in the past I have spoken to many larger 1-26 pilots and they all say they fly over gross anyhow, but unsure what is possible... Limiting G loads and being a bit over seems plausible.
  • Is there a writeup that lists all the design changes between models?
  • I have been out of soaring since 2005 but currently fly a C182p and looking to get back to soaring this fall or next Spring so no real rush to get it going.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to learning as much as possible as I restore this glider and get it going again. This will likely be an EAA chapter club project to get it going again. I am located in Burbank CA if there are any other 1-26 pilots around. It will likely be kept on the flightline in Tehachapi once its flying.