Land ownership ?


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Apr 7, 2020
Most of me is in IL but my hearts in Alaska
This is almost exactly an actual hanger flying thread depending on the answers I get here I may pursue or not having a runway and a hanger .
For at least 100 years the north line of property A has had a decided angle to it.
In the cornfields of Central Illinois property lines run within inches of directly north and south and east and west this particular line though has been off by about 75 feet . It’s clearly seen in the photos the Japanese took of the United States back in 1938
In 1992 the Then current owners split off 5 acres for a family member
That acreage was even surveyed but the survey which never used instead it was used in that slightly slanted shape.
It was a parallelogram that was used not a rectangle.
20 years later that family member owner of the 5 acres decided to sell the house and move they deeded the back 4 acres back to the family members that they had got it from an only selling 1 acre right around the house in the front of the lot
New owners came along about the house on 1 acre and promptly went bankrupt less than two years later I bought the property From a sheriff sale.
The description in the sale bill for the property describes the entire 5 acres but it lays out the measurements of the lot which amount to just over an acre.
You say for over 100 years nobody realize the problem with this wedge shaped triangle of land
I took one look at it realized the angle of the lot lines was wrong and went and had a talk with the farmer that owns the 40 next north of the property we’ve been talking about .Of course he thought he been farming it for many years that it was his but he didn’t want something that wasn’t his so we paid for a surveyor and the surveyor straightened up the line and the farmer quit farming the ground on the south side of the line.

So for a year this long skinny piece of property sa as kind of a no man’s land.

That’s when somethings occurred to me ,the property owner from the original place wasn’t gonna farm it because he thought his stuff was all south of that slanty line.
A quick talk with the farmer to the Norris revealed he wasn’t gonna form it because it wasn’t his and he thought it belong to me
The family member That had originally bought that 5 acres had never owned it so His deed deeding it back to the original owners isn’t valid for that piece of property.
So for three years I had used it as a garden and considered it to be mine I had also thought about establishing a runway on it
Two years ago the farmer of the original larger partial changed the new guy came in And Not knowing the history and not recognizing or not caring planted over my garden.
So the next year I erected a string fence which he ignored and planted over again.

So the question is who do you think really owns this piece of property and what would you do??

The current owners of the original piece of property that all this came from are absentee landowners that I don’t like very much and I don’t care if I get along with them or not.
The current farmersare OK personally but they tend to run rough shot over everybody else around them one farming so I don’t care if I get along with them or not.