It's alive!


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Sep 20, 2003
Corona CA
70 years after it last flew, my Aeronca L3B came back to life the other day when we got the engine running properly after an embarrassing oversight I won't mention here...

All looking good so far. Airframe was built in 1942, engine in 1944, prop from 1947. Almost everything is original; spars, ribs, no airframe damage ever that I can see. 497 hours, 156 on the engine. The engine sat on its mount since 1952, unpreserved, I thought it would be junk, but I could have fired it up there and then. Obviously, I opened it up, inspected everything, threw in new rings and bearings, lapped the valves, rebuilt the carb etc. Rebuilt the mags but for extra peace of mind got a rebuilt set from Fresno Air Parts - can't speak too highly of them; knowledgeable and fast service.

Going to hang the wings soon, but it probably won't fly until the last week in September.20220813_175102.jpg